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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

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with visual studio, the need to edit xml is greatly reduced. visual studio provides a code analyzer that can read and understand the xml into structured language that is easy to comprehend and edit. because of the streamlined syntax, there is less danger of typos and less coding is needed.

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visual studio is a rich ide that provides the level of flexibility required to work with complex projects and solutions. it is written using the powerful combination of windows application technologies. this enables vs to be faster and more responsive than other integrated development environments. however, visual studio is a large piece of software, which can be difficult to get up and running quickly. this is one reason why there are so many different extensions.

the windows gui is a series of windows, dialog boxes, buttons and other controls that display information and initiate actions. the windows gui may be the result of a user interface decision, or it may be a developer created window to make the application look more like a traditional windows program. this list describes all the windows that a developer can create for their application.

in visual studio, there is also a command line, which you can use in combination with visual studio to build, debug, and profile the application. this command line is found in the view menu. it has three tabs: output, debug and command. this list describes all the commands that can be accessed from these tabs.

set active solution configuration this will let you select which solution configuration you want to work with. the main reasons you would want to do this is if you want to work with different build configurations, or if you want to work with different platforms.


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