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I laughed. I'm open about my sexuality, and wasn't ashamed of it. Both of the girls read through the story "Autograph" and looked at me in a different light. I sat back on my couch, Brenda sat much closer to me -- and Sandra was sitting in front of us.

Calmly, but without hesitation, I took off my T-shirt. Sometimes I'm self-conscious about myself. I'm in good -- but not great -- shape. But hell, if the challenge is stripping, and two girls are participating -- I'll take the dare. Brenda lost her shirt next, and Sandra took off hers. I did the same with my jeans, and in moments the three of us were much less clothed.

I pushed back against her and began fucking Brenda even harder, withdrawing and pushing in as hard as I could and she exploded into another climax -- surely disturbing my neighbors and probably their neighbors to the far side as well.

[AUDIO LOG - 4]So it's obvious when I get rescued I'll be famous right? Oh, Mr. Mcallister, can you tell us again for the audience how your week in space went? How did you survive through that daring time? What message would you like to give the boys and girls at home? Yeah, I will be famous. Probably a book deal and maybe a movie too. Teralis Corp will probably pay me a large settlement to keep quiet about their shitty escape pods. The high life is just beyond the corner and if only I could FIGURE OUT THESE FUCKING CONTROLS. FUCK, FUCK OFF YOU STUPID FLASHING BUTTONS.

[AUDIO LOG - 10]Ohhhhhh Cindy. Cindy, can you hear me? I got the transponder to work. Ohhhh Cindy are you out there? You are there. I can see you. You are around one of the eight fucking million points of light that are eating into my fucking eyes twenty-four hours a day. That's where you arrrrrrrre. When I find you I'm going to hold you so tight. So tight that you can't leave me. Ohhhh Cindy where are youuuuuuu?


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