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Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor

Shader Model 3 Skachat Draiver

You'll need to check the GPU capabilities through D3DCAPS (check the DirectX SDK docs if you don't know it). More than just determining the shader model, you can check for specific capabilities supported.

shader model 3 skachat draiver


For D3D10 you should be guaranteed SM4. For D3D11 (which I'd recommend over 10, since it should be the case that you can use 11 if you can use 10) device capabilities are categorized into feature levels. If you're using the 10_0 feature level or greater, you should be guaranteed SM4. Below the 10_0 level you have some odd 10Level9 differences to take into account -- the upshot for you is that you have to use odd shader model designations like vs_4_0_level_9_1 in some (perhaps all, we're getting into territory I haven't explored much in practice) scenarios. 041b061a72


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