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[S1E24] Are We There Yeti


Wally offers to fulfill his[who?] job at the bakery. It turns out the Cake Monster is gainfully employed there. When Cake Monster pours too much Power Flour in, the cakes got too big and caught the bakery on top of the cakes.

As each and every camper was eliminated, there has not been an episode to review what has happened throughout the entire season. With the finale coming up, the host recaps all the events that lead up to the end; this is the Total Drama Island Rundown!

The episode opens up with Team Amazon relaxing in the first-class area of the plane. Cody's relaxation is interrupted when Sierra starts rubbing his foot and ends up paralyzing him. In the loser area, LeShawna is playing with the num-yos Harold gave her. Chris walks in, and the contestants begin to complain about Japan. The plane begins to land, terrifying Owen. The plane lands in Yukon. Chris explains that the contestants won't be getting coats, causing them to huddle together for warmth. The first challenge involves team crossing the cassum by jumping from shard to shard. Once at the sleds, the first one there must climb up the mountain while carrying their team on the sled. Team Victory won the first challenge thanks to DJ mysteriously getting there. During the challenge, DJ accidentally got his eyes frozen by crying too much and ended up getting his team lost and hitting a baby seal. Alejandro continues to manipulate the contestants on Team Victory to his pleasure and their elimination, as he starts to flirt with Bridgette, causing her to get distracted. Bridgette starts to kiss Alejandro, but gets tricked and stuck to a pole. Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot won thanks to Owen's weight causing a rapid speed which accelerated the sled. In the end, Bridgette got eliminated for kissing a pole and not crossing the finish line with her team. Before being eliminated, she tries to warn her teammates about Alejandro being evil, but gets pushed off the plane.

The two teams land in Sweden to compete in a "Viking" capture the flag game. Courtney still tries to flirt with Alejandro, while Cody misses Gwen. Owen becomes aware of Alejandro's true nature thanks to Noah and warns Duncan, much to his surprise. Alejandro starts to reveal his true feelings for Heather. In the end, Chris reveals that there will be no elimination again, sparing Courtney, while leaving the rest of her team upset and disappointed.

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