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Where Can I Buy Elmaro Wine

Dad Mark Delaney, who has been farming for more than 40 years, oversees the 8-acre vineyard that has both wine grapes such as Marquette and St. Pepin, as well as table grapes such as Somerset and Bluebell. By his daughter's account, the former crop farmer is happy working his soon-to-be larger vineyard.

where can i buy elmaro wine

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The straight-talking winemaker points out that most of Elmaro's wines are labeled by grape varietal. It's what you're used to from California, but the names of the grapes in Wisconsin are different. So it might be, for example, Elmaro La Crescent.

And when the grapes are brought in at Elmaro Vineyard in Trempealeau, there will be a large sorting table where you can watch workers picking through the fruit, removing stems and unfit berries. Harvest in their neck of the woods is expected to take place in the last half of September.

At Elmaro Vineyard, the focus is on producing the best wines possible while providing an unmatched setting in which to enjoy them. This vineyard and winery is available to host the wedding of your dreams. Family owned and operated, Elmaro grows quality grapes to produce the best wine possible. Leading up to your big day, join your family and friends and experience a group tasting. After a gorgeous ceremony, celebrate with dining and dancing on the property. You and your guests will have views of rolling hills filled with lush greenery and gorgeous vines. This setting is also perfect for wedding day photos with your new spouse and bridal party. The main building is sleek and sophisticated in design, yet still maintains a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. A beautiful outdoor patio creates extra space for your guests to mingle and toast to your nuptials. Celebrate your love at this romantic venue for great memories and incredible wine.

Todd Roessler runs Elmaro Vineyard winery in rural Trempealeau with five other family members, including his wife, Laura. Elmaro recently won the Wisconsin Winery of the Year award from the Wisconsin Grape Growers Association.

The winery opened in 2011 and makes about 25 kinds of wine. They are sold by the glass and the bottle in the winery tasting room. Bottles also are available at grocery and liquor stores, and some area restaurants serve Elmaro wines.

Elmaro makes wine year-round, using its own grapes as well as those produced by other growers in the region and one in Arkansas. It also uses cranberries and black currents grown in Wisconsin and grape juice from New York.

The Crush Pad room in the winery is used for crushing grapes, and at other times for events such as catered five-course dinners that feature Elmaro wines. The Crush Room also features artwork (which is for sale) by a featured local artist of the month. 041b061a72


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